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We are a new, innovative London-based start-up launched in 2016.


Our mission is to create amazing music-making tools for the new mobile world, in an environment where like-minded, passionate people can collaborate easily and build fast. Our office is a dynamic, positive and collaborative place. Here you’ll meet other smart, creative people who love bringing ideas to life.


We’re a small team right now, but we’ve got big plans. We’ve already got some of the best-performing iOS music-making apps under our belt (check out Launchpad on the app store, for example) and we’re growing fast. We’re founded and backed by well-known makers of amazing hardware music products and instruments Focusrite / Novation (yes, they are a single company),


We’re based in the heart of London, at Tileyard Studios in King’s Cross, Europe's fastest-growing music and tech hub, home to the creative industry’s top artists, composers, writers and producers. Find out more about Tileyard Studios at


We know exactly why we come to work everyday. We combine this feeling with a strong sense of mastery, autonomy and purpose for our craft. We think that makes us a pretty cool place to work.


All roles are based in London, UK.


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